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Your Complete Survival Blog And Equipment Review For 2017

Hobby Survalist Or Ready For Anything  Prepper, We Have You Covered!

The world is a beautiful and amazing place. It can also be ruthless, and dangerous. Every day, people around the world and even here at home are put in situations where the worst case scenario is the reality in which they live in. We want to give everyone the ability to be prepared for the worst case scenario with the ultimate survival blog. 

Survivalism can also be great fun! Hobby Survivalists, backwoods campers and hunters can also get great value from us here at We review the best outdoor gear, how you use it is completely up to you.

Here at survivalist we are all about putting together the perfect survival kit for any situation. Our survival products are rated by top experts and consumers alike to make sure you can count on it when you need it. Starting with top of the line bug out bags, the best solar generator all the way to the humble but lifesaving MRE's ( meals ready to eat). You can rest assured you and your family will be ready for anything this world can throw at you. A preppers list can be helpful, however it can be quite difficult to source many of the survival supplies they include. Not to worry, we have done the hard work for you! Within the depths of this survivalist blog you can easily source out the best life saving tips, tools, gadgets and more.

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Why A Survival Blog?

Our goal is not to incite panic. It is to educate and equip the everyday person to ensure provide the basic requirements of life to themselves and others around them. Too many people don’t even think about the possibility of an earthquake, hurricane or any other disaster of a massive scale. Everyone thinks that it could never happen to them. Fact of the matter is, it could happen to you, why not right? It happens to people every day around the world and yes, even here in America.


Urban survival supplies for sitting through that big storm is one thing. What about massive scale emergencies when the government can’t come to your aid? You need to have more than a couple bottles of water and a granola bar to survive, that is a fact. We can all help save lives if everyone took a few hours to read through a detailed survival blog and learn what it takes to stay safe, warm and fed in an emergency. You must have long term food storage, emergency lighting, and water treatment systems to survive. Same goes for any back woods camping you may be doing, be prepared or don't go at all. Don't become a statistic.

Think America Is Immune To Disaster? Think Again.

Most North Americans are terribly unprepared for a disaster. The west coast is far overdue for a massive earthquake, we have the highest tornado activity in the world and many of our major cities every year are hit by hurricanes. Nature is a powerful thing, as are politics and beliefs. Large areas of the United States and the world are becoming unstable, is it worth the chance to not be prepared for the worst?

You Need A Survival Kit!

A basic survival kit can save a life, fact. Yet it’s very rare to meet someone that actually has one in their home or car. Have an ask around, I bet you would have trouble finding a basic first aid kit let alone a proper survival kit or even a survival knife anywhere!

If you are unprepared for an emergency you have to rely on people around you to survive. Do you know your neighbors that well? Will they share the last of their clean water or food with you when disaster strikes? We would all like to say “ yes, of course they would” however time and time again its proven that when a person’s life or family is in danger, that is their number one priority, not you, not the person who had every chance to check out a survival blog or a preppers list but chose not to. You are on your own. Don’t be that person.


We have plenty of every day carry items featured, these ensure your prepared anywhere, any time. 


Do not put this off! Check out our detailed survival blog to find handy tips and tools to ensure you are ready for anything this world send your way! We can help if you are tight on time. Feel free to check the top pre assembled survival kits on the market available to be shipped to your door ready to use. Long term food storage is always an issue, we have got you covered there as well with tasty MRE’s, emergency chews and more that can sit for up to 25 years!

Budgeting For A Survival Kit

Is it expensive? No. Nothing that can save your life in dire situations is “too expensive”, is it an investment? Yes, absolutely. Being prepared doesn’t mean you need to go all out with a solar generator that can power the whole block. If that’s what you’re into, great we have solutions for that as well. For you to be properly prepared you must be able to eat and drink clean water for up to 3-5 days, provide yourself with basic first aid and personal care. Light and heat are also key to survival as is being able to communicate and receive emergency broadcasts. Please scour the depths of this detailed survival blog and learn! Learn everything you can to stay safe, warm and alive.