The Ultimate Pre Made Bug Out Bag Review

Our #1 Pick When It Comes To The Ultimate Pre Made Bug Out Bag?

The Ultimate Arms Gear Woodland Survival Gear Set.

Let’s take a dive into our top rated bag and uncover the secrets that make it stand out above all others. We will break down the 5 star rating of our top pre made bug out bag in to different key areas: Contents, Quality and Ease of use. Much like many of our other featured bug out bags, this one contains the standard survival food, shelter etc. Where it really stands apart is its military grade quality and how it is jam packed with just about anything you would need in a survival situation.

We not only like this ultimate bug out bag for its ability to be used as a quick escape method. We also like it because of its versatility; it is also a great hobbyist survival kit. This bag comes with all the main gear essentials that you may need to get into back woods camping, multi day hiking or hunting trips. From the moment it’s delivered to your front door you will know you made the right choice.

Enough chit chat, let’s get into this bad boy.


Contents: The Back Bone of Our Ultimate Bug Out Bag.

Most of the contents of this bag are made here in the U.S.A up to military grade standards. What’s inside really matters when it comes to a go bag, and this is exactly where this survival gear set stands apart from the rest. This pre made bug out bag has everything you need to get going quickly and confidently, including:

  • Military grade suvival pack
  • Life Straw
  • Heavy duty multi use rain poncho's
  • Army survival field manual
  • 11 in 1 credit card size survival tool
  • 4 in 1 survival shovel, bottle opener, pick, saw
  • Camping tube tent
  • 5 pack 12 hr glow light sticks
  • Whistle
  • Ceramic blade sharpener
  • Fully stocked first aid kit
  • SOS food rations for 2 people / 3 days
  • 8.5" Survival knife
  • 10.5" stainless steel axe
  • Double faced signal mirror
  • Wire saw
  • 23" Machete
  • Polar shield thermal blanket
  • 3 in 1 belt buckle fire starter / whistle
  • NATO approved poly bag mathches

Quality: When Your Life Depends On Something, Go For The Best.

As we have mentioned before, most of the items, including the pack itself are made here in the U.S.A and are constructed up to military grade standards. When your life is depending on a pre made bug out bag, you don’t want to cheap out. As soon as you open the contents up you will notice how sturdy the tools are and how tough the bag is. The pack itself is of the highest quality nylon fabric which is key when in an outdoor environment. The last this you want is the bag itself to break and spill stuff everywhere, you won’t be going anywhere quickly if that’s the case.

All of the tools are made from high quality steel to avoid anything breaking when you are using it and to stand up to the rigors of backwoods use. Everything inside is also designed to sit for years and years so you do not have to worry about degradation as long it is stored in a dry space out of direct sunlight. It will be a good idea to give everything check once a year regardless to ensure it’s all good to go when you need it.

Make sure you do right by yourself and invest in top quality gear, it will save you money, and possibly your life later on down the road. That is why this ultimate bug out bag is easily our top choice for anyone who is serious about survival.

Ease Of Use: An Under Rated Aspect of Pre Made Bug Out Bags.

One this that is so commonly over looked when it comes to survival gear is how easy it is to use. When you are stressed, desperate and tired the last thing you want is to not know how to use the contents of your pre made bug out bag. This is a super common and potentially fatal mistake with pre-assembled survival kits. Make sure to know how everything works. The simple design of the tools make this pretty easy, many come with instructions and the included military survival guide covers a lot of skills as well. We suggest reading this and practicing using the tools prior to an emergency or using the pack in the back woods.

You will notice that the equipment doesn’t come pre packed in the bag, and for good reason. This encourages you to pack the bag yourself so you know exactly where everything is and lets you put the most important items where you can easily grab them.

The bag itself really stands apart from others due to its military style. Having lots of pockets and loops for items to clip onto is key, this is no cheap high school style back pack, it really is the ultimate bug out bag. Compact and organized is the way to go which is exactly what the bag is designed for.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

Not even the top rated pre made bug out bag will contain your essential personal items. Some key extra’s you may want to add into the bag would include cash (at least a few hundred dollars in small bills), personal hygiene products and a disposable cell phone with solar charger. Identification is also very important, ideally your passport and a copy of your driver’s license as well as any medications you may require. Make sure to have a few days’ worth of everything. A great list to find any missing items can be found here.

This ultimate bug out bag comes in 2 versions

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