Best Bug Out Bag List For 2018

Best Bug Out Bag List For 2017

When disaster strikes, speed is key to survival. I'm sorry to tell you but a catastrophic event is not going to wait for you to pack your bags and get out. You need to be ready with the best bug out bag available, also know as a "go bag". These at the ready survival kits are no longer just for the under cover CIA agent. Every home in America should have one per person. If this was the case, countless lives could be saved every day. A top quality portable survival bag can also double as a hobbyist survival pack for those that like to rough it outdoors.


Bug Out Gear

What exactly is in a go bag?

Every go bag contains the basics of survival. You must have adequate supplies per person for 3 days, minimum.  It is best that every person in the household has their own bug out bag kit that is slightly tailored to their individual requirements. These kits must be ready to go at all times, there is no point in having  a half assembled "go bag" that needs to get finished at the last minute and isn't actually ready to go....

All of our top rated bug out bag kit​s come with one of the best survival backpacks stuffed with the standard supplies you need, however it is still suggested you put extra cash, your passport and personal medications / supplies you may need that isn't included. It's also a good idea to get a larger survival kit for your house in case you are trapped. A good solar generator is always a plus if you plan on using heaters, lamps or your devices. Assembling your own go bag can be very time consuming and it is hard to find a lot of the items at local stores. Also make sure to top up your MRE's so there is enough emergency rations for  several days.

Check out our ultimate bug out bag list below to save time and money!

Best Bug Out Bags For Every Situation.

Survival Guide Rating

2 Person Advanced Survival Gear Set, Woodland. 21 piece

This survival set is excellent for the outdoorsman or anyone who wants to be the most prepared you can be. Ideal for homes in a more rural area, a cabin in the woods or a hobby survivalist. This set is rated  the highest out of our best bug out bag list due to the quality of its contents. Military grade pack to tools lets you be confident in your ability to survive in any weather conditions. Much of this pack is aimed towards survival in the woods over a urban environment. Due to the many high quality tools included this ultimate bug out bag does come in a bit heavier that an urban 2 person pack at around 22 pounds.

Key Features:
-Fully Stocked first aid kit
-Contents are U.S.A made and are military grade
-Contains life straw what can filter up to 1000 litres ( 264 gallons) of water + food and purified water for 3 days
- Many key survival tools and gadgets so you can provide for yourself in the woods.
-Contains several cutting / self defense tools
Total Weight: 22 pounds
Provides for 2 people, 3 days

Survival Guide Rating

Food Insurance 2 Week Premium Bug Out Bag

When it really comesdown to it, food and water are the 2 key essentials for anyone to survive. This is the best bug out bag for those period. While much heavier then the other above, this incredible water proof survival backpack has enough food and water solutions to privide 2 weeks of nourishment for 2 people. This would be the ultimate go bag if only it had a few more survival tools. From the lack of cutting and camping gear we did drop it down half of a star. For an urban environment however, this is everything you will need, you can always stock up on key tools and gadgets at the bottom of this page. A fantastic value hands down.

Key Features:
-2 Weeks worth of food and water filtration
-Re-usable heat source
-Robust medical kit
-Extremely durable, travel style waterproof backpack
Total Weight: 40 pounds
Provides for 2 People, 2 weeks

Survival Guide Rating

Emergency Zone 840-2 Urban Survival Bug Out Bag, 2 person,

This is a fantastic basic bug out bag kit. Great for the workplace, your car or home, it has all the basic necessities with extra room and pockets for you to add personal supplies. Its discreet bag wont attract unwanted attention and is sturdy enough to get through any emergency.  Containing purified water and emergency food for several days means its ready to go for up to 5 years. Ideal for an urban bug out bag kit.

Key Features:
-Lightweight and durable pack
-All Items sourced from U.S.A
-US Coast Guard approved for a 5 year shelf life
Total Weight: 14 pounds
Good for 2 people, 3 Days

Survival Guide Rating

10 Person Family or Office Deluxe Survival Kit

For those with families it can be difficult to ensure you are prepared with everything you need. This kit makes it easy, packed to the brim with plenty of all the basics. If you are in an earthquake risk area, have a back woods cabin you visit in groups or just have a larger family in an urban area this is the best bug out bag for you. Every office space should have an emergency kit, which again this huge go bag is ideal. Designed for an urban environment, but could easily be adapted to rural / woodsy areas by adding some key survival tools. Do not let those you care about be left hungry and cold, invest in their safety today.

Key Features:
-Stored in Heavy Duty easy to move duffel bags.
-US Coast Guard approved for a 5 year shelf life
Total Weight: 67 pounds between 2 bags
Good for 10 people, 3 Days

Survival Guide Rating

Personal Survival Kit for Car, Trailer Or R.V

It would be ridiculous to assume that a disaster is going to wait until we are comfortable at home. The reason we love this pack so much is due to its compact yet comprehensive design. This is the best bug out bag for your car as it's small enough to tuck under your seat and forget about it until you need it. This great kit has everything 1 person needs to survive for 72 hours. Food, water and essential tools all wrapped up in a clear waterproof bag make this the ultimate grab and go bag for your mobile home, car or R.V.

Key Features:
-Small size easy to tuck away in in a car or small space
-Clear pack to easily and quickly find items.
-Comprehensive array of contents.

Supplimentary Bug Out Gear.

Every person is different, thus every survival backpack should be tailored to what they need. We realize that not even the top rated pack on our best bug out bag list has everything you may need. Depending on your environment, skill level  and individual needs you may want to consider adding a few extras to your bug out gear. Below we have some great affordable add on items that can give you the winning edge when you really need it.

10 in 1 EDC Outdoor Survival Kit

Every day carry items are becoming more and more popular these days. This little military grade kit is chalk full of high quality tools including a folding knife, ultra bright LED flashlight and compass among many more gadgets that will help you survive in any environment. Small enough to slip into your pocket or glove box, it also makes a perfect add on to even the best bug out bag out there. You can never have too many top quality tools.

18 tool paracord survival grenade kit- Military grade

This amazing little survival "grenade" has everything you may need to suppliment one of our go bags. It's packed full of 18 survival tools and gives you access to 3 e books to help educate yourself on how to use them. All items are military grade and ready to use at the pull of a string. Detailed list of tools included can be found on amazon by clicking the button below.

Ultimate paracord survival bracelet

While very similar to the item above, this awesome piece of EDC survival gear can be worn on a daily basis. Its 16 high quality tools built into it are ready for when you need it. While its not the only thing you will need in an emergency situation, its little extra's like this that will get you ahead of the pack.

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