Portable Solar Generator Reviews

Be Prepared With A Quality Solar Generator.

When a major disaster strikes be it natural or “man made”, typically one of the first things to go is power. Given how much we totally rely on it, it is shocking how many people don’t have a back up source of power for their home, cabin or for the road. A high quality portable solar generator is the best answer here.

Below you will find our reviews of the best solar generators available on the market today. While not as powerful as a huge fuel powered generator, these are more then enough to power your devices, stay warm and have light. All of which can make a massive difference in a survival situation. As a huge bonus, you can also easily move these around and bring them with you wherever you go.

This page is devoted to solar generators, not the lights themselves. Check out our Emergency Light Solutions Page for solar powered lights. All the devices below however can have any regular household lights plug into it and work / charge.

How do we rate each solar generator?

We rate the generators in terms of overall quality and usefullness. We have already weeded out the poor quality, poor designed and down right useless ones. You can be assured that no matter which solar powered generator you choose from our list you will be receiving only the best that the market has to offer. We also take into battery life in KWh's, charge strength as well as their portability factor. Each solar generator below has its own strengths for different situations and come in a variety of price ranges. Check em out below!

2017's Best Solar Generator Reviews

Survival Guide Rating:

Renology All In One Kit- Portable Solar Generator

This solar powered generator is one of our favorite pieces of survival tech we have come across. Although not the most powerful solar generator out there, its ease of use and portability is just mind blowing. Essentially a life saving briefcase, this thing is designed to be highly mobile at only 12 pounds and as user freindly as you can get. With a LCD screen and various outputs for different devices, you are good to go without any wiring or assembly. This case also has a built in LED flashlight with different modes and you can also add extra solar panels that plug into it. Litterally anyone can figure out how to use this device, making it our overall best solar generator.

-Provides up to 175Wh of energy charge to battery and can charge any USB or AC devices under 150W. Essentially any electronic devices or anything you would plug into a car for power.

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Forty2 Pro Plus 1000W / 110V Solar Powered Generator, Emergency Power Source

This unit is the big brother of the one above. With a quick charge time of only 6 hours, this portable solar generator is survivalists dream. Powerful enough to plug in critical appliances, computers and medical equipment with 1000Wh's of electricity, all powered from the sun! The machine does come with a wall charger as well so you can always top up its charge while the going is good, however its solar panel will charge it up at a rate of 180W / hr even on cloudy days. Weighing in a around 60 pounds it's still considered quite portable in the solar generators world but you wouldn't want ot be lugging it around for hours. Ideal for emergency situations, backwoods cabins or to keep on a boat. Although it does come with a fairly hefty pricetag, it will leave you wanting for nothing when the power is out.

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Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit W/ Nomad 20 Solar Panel

The Goal Zero brand has several different sized "yeti" solar generators. The 400 is an fantastic all around model, as is the 1250 ( below). The Yeti 400 is powerful enough to power medical equipment, a t.v and all of your electronic devices! and easy to grip handle lets you carry it around easily enough, although the solar panels themselves are a seperate piece and you have to plug them in which is a small downside.  The easy to read display lets you know power drawn, charge rate etc and anything else you may need to know while using it. One downside, it weighs approx 40 pounds.
Providing 300Wh of power in USB, AC and car charger form.
-Key unique feature: This is Chainble to another Yeti 400, meaning you can have multiple of these linked  to provide an much stronger charge strength and the extra solar panel will help charge faster. You can also plug it into a car outlet or standard plug to charge it up.


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Yeti 1250 XXL Solar Generator Kit

When it comes to value on $ spent, the Yeti 1250 is at the top. If you have medical equipment or critical electronics / appliances at your home, this is one one you want. The Yeti 1250 is also great for the backwoods cabin, boar or R.V. The Yeti 1250 generator will last 3x longer then the Yeti 400, it also comes with a wall plug to keep its battery topped up prior to an emergency. Weighing in at 113 pounds with all the pieces, we wouldn't consider this overly an portable solar powered generator, however its easily movable when you take the componants apart which doesn't take long at all. Check out the chart above to check out what this super charged generator is capable of. Pack one of these away with a good store of MRE's and your good to go any time, any where!

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External Solar Battery Pack For Phones / Small Devices

This super cool little battery pack is perfect for travellers, busy professionals and survivalists alike. A perfect inexpensive add on to any bug out bag or travel bag. Specifically designed for charging phones and other small devices like an ipad or camera, you wont be competing with any of the larger solar powered generators above. However, its 2 usb plugs allow you to quickly charge up your devices on the go and its bright case makes it easy to find in the dark. We would consider this an absolute must have for anyone in a survival situation or for backpackers. This little guy combined with a good survival knife will want you leaving for nothing when you need to move quickly.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Let's Break it down

If you aren't sure which is the best solar generator for you, we can help. Lets break it down and decide what you are going to likely use it for. If you want a device that you can quickly run out the door with, take camping or you know you will be moving it lots, go with the briefcase style generators. They are much lighter and easier to use on the go. If you are planning on hunkering down during an emergency and want to stay in your home, cabin or boat, the Yeti generator line is great. They are a bit more powerful but weigh more, making them much less portable.

If you are planning on using a portable solar generator to power any sort of medical equipment or device that must have sufficient power, go with at least a 1000Wh machine. Large devices like CPAP machines, heart monitors or freezers take alot of power. A larger battery pack / charging capability will set your mind at ease and let you get through the worst emergencies safe and sound.