The Best Survival Knife List of 2018

Having The Best Survival Knife In The World Is Essential.

We here at here the same question a lot. If you had to pick ONE thing to have with you in a survival situation, what would it be? Our answer, the best survival knife available. A good sharp blade is one thing, but many survival knives are much more then that. Often more of a multi tool then just a knife, they can help you protect and provide for yourself when shit hits the fan. Our #1 life savers are ranked below.


There are a ton of different options that can be very overwhelming when trying to pick out the best survival knife. We are going to make things as easy as possible for you so you can be confident in your decision. Our survival knife reviews will give you all the info you need to choose without having to sift through piles of blades. We have combed through lists and reviews to bring you not only the best survival knife in the world, but also the best bushcraft knife and wilderness survival knife available on the market today.

Military Grade Is The Only Way To Go

Truth be told there are a lot of knock off options out there which you want to avoid like the plague. You don't want to rely on some cheap Chinese toy when disaster strikes. When we rate our best survival knives quality is our biggest concern. We can’t have someone with a product that is designed to save their life attempt to use it and have it turn out to be a piece of garbage. Not going to happen. Every single one of the knives below are made from the highest quality materials up to military grade specs. You can rest assured that no matter which option you choose here to add to your bug out bag or survival kit, it will do what it’s promised to do. All of the items below are all warrantied by their manufacturer.

Let's Get Started!

We start our list here with the best survival knife in the world and work our way down through every day carry knives to the best bushcraft knife and best fixed blade knives. A slightly more specific type of blade, not always necessarily for survival situations, common for camping, hunting or carving.

Rated The Best Survival Knife In The World: Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

Survival Guide Rating:

Rated as the best survival knife in the world, this option have you prepared for anything. The 4.8″ blade is made from premium quality steel and sharp enough to cut through anything ( within reason). It’s not just the blade that puts it at the top of our survival knife review list. The sheath comes packed with a pull through sharpener and fire starter, both essential items in a disaster. Also included are survival guide instructions along with a whistle attached to the blade grip. While not totally jam packed with little gadgets like some, this key piece of survival gear is focused on simple quality over quantity. Watch it survive 72 hits with a sledgehammer proving how durable it is.
-Overall Length: 10"

BlizeTec 5 in 1 Folding Survival Knife

Survival Guide Rating:

This beauty is not only one of the best survival knives, it's also considered an EDC knife, or "every day carry". Because of its small size its easy to clip it onto your belt or keep in your car and forget it's even there until you need it. Don't let its small size fool you though, this everything you would ever need in any situation. The blade has a serrated section capable of sawing wood or plastic and the handle has a built in seat belt cutter and window breaker making this an ideal knife for people living in an urban area. Not stopping there, this ultimate survival knife also has a built in fire starter and little LED flashlight.

The entire knife easily fits in your palm, pocket or glove compartment. It also makes a great add on to any bug out bag. This knife is our perfect gift option due to its all around usefulness and adaptability.
-Total Length: 8.5" open, 5" closed
-Blade Length: 3.5"

Maxam SKJSK Survival Knife

Survival Guide Rating:

Alright there Rambo, time to get you geared up. This 12 piece bushcraft knife set comes with lots of little extras that you may need out in the bush. The 12 items included can be found on amazon by clicking the red button below. The smaller items fit in the hollow handle, the second slim knife fits alongside the larger one in the sheath. The huge blade on this makes easy work of cutting and sawing, however it does make it weigh close to 2 pounds, heavy for many people. The size also does make it hard to keep hidden or in a pack. 

High up on our best bushcraft knife list, you can't go wrong if you are looking for a large sturdy blade with all the little extras. Make sure to read up and practice on how to use the tools included, don't assume you know how they work. Especially with the secret slingshot attachment...Whoops.

-Total Length: 14"
-Blade Length: 7, 3/4"

USMC Kukri Machete With Sheath

Survival Guide Rating:

While not exactly what you would call a survival  knife.. this United States Marine endorsed survival machete had to make our list. This uniquely designed blade has the making's of every survivalists dream. Military grade stainless steal blade with 3 serrated edges give it versatility to chop through just about anything. The machete also comes with a anti slip rubber grip and a nylon protective belt sheath. This could also be used as an excellent personal defense weapon / deterrent or even just a hiking / camping tool.

-Total Length: 16.5"
-Blade Length: 11.5"

USMC Elite Tactical Tomahawk

Survival Guide Rating:

Once again not necessarily the best survival KNIFE on our list, but an essential  and super cool piece of gear nonetheless. This heavy duty tomahawk style ax is heavy enough to easily chop up wood, or to use as a breaching tool on top of being a wicked self defense weapon. The super solid construction is great however it does make this tomahawk pretty darn heavy for a survival tool  which leads us to dropping it's rating. Contained inside the handle are few small survival gear extra's such as a compass, matches and fishing hook with line.

We highly suggest as one of our top gift ideas, especially for military personnel.

-Total Length: 15"

Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knives

These fixed blade knives below are the best of the best. Yes, they lack all the bells and whistles of the survival knives above, but they are supposed to. For those that enjoy simple elegance in a tool or hobby knife, these are for you. All 4 blades are of the highest quality steel alloys you can get, holding an edge against the hardest of obstacles. No matter if your an avid camper, hunter, carver or survivalist you can count any of these to see the job done right. All 4 could be called the best bushcraft knife in terms of quality and come with a sheath. However the right one for you depends on your personal style and what you are using it for. Go ahead, dig into the details!

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife W/ Spear Point Blade

  • Blade length: 6.3"    Total length: 11"
  • Capable of chopping wood w/ exposed tang at bottom of easy grip handle 
  • Full Tang, VG-10 steel blade.

ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge Bushcraft Knife w/ Grey Micarta Handle

  • Blade length: 6.5"    Total length: 11.75"
  • Exceptional fit to hand and edge retention.
  • Full Tang, 1095 steel blade.

Benchmade Bushcrafter knife

  • Blade length: 4.4"    Total length: 9.2"
  • Comes w/ Buckskin leather sheath, flint rod loop and retention strap
  • Full Tang, S30-V Stainless steel blade.

BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade 3 in 1 Hunting Knife

  • Blade length: 4.2"    Total length: 8.5"
  • Comes w/ LED flashlight, fire starter.
  • Full Tang, Stainless steel blade.