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Wilderness Camping Must Haves And Don’t Do’s.

Many people think survival gear is only for emergencies. Oh how they are wrong. Wilderness survival gear is becoming a hugely popular here in America, and for good reason! Camping, hiking and survivalism are super fun ways to get outside. From your every day city slicker to your avid hunter, getting outside can be a huge stress reliever. Some choose to go to their local park, for a quick release, some take it to the next level. There is something extremely fun and exciting about heading out into the forest or into the mountains with a pack camping survival gear to fend for yourself.

Whether it’s for a few days or a few weeks it is a fantastic way to reset yourself and escape from every day life. It is important to realize however, stepping into the wilderness can be dangerous. It’s best to be prepared for anything, and have the right equipment for even the most unlikely scenario’s like getting lost in the mountains or coming across a bear. Equipping yourself with a good set of camping survival gear is much like that bug out bag you should have tucked away somewhere, only this one get used more often.

The right piece of wilderness survival gear is much like a condom. It’s better to have one and not need it, then to need it and not have one.


Imagine yourself trekking through the beautiful, lush west coast rain forest. The sweet smell of wet grasses drifting to you on the gentle breeze through the tall cedar trees. It has been a long day of hiking up into the coastal mountains and your ready to find the perfect spot to make camp. There it is! An open space at the edge of a grassy plain which rolls down the valley into the river below. After setting up your tent it’s time for a well deserved dinner before bed. Pulling out your food and single burner stove, your about to get cooking and BOOM. You forgot your lighter and the igniter on your burner is broken. That..Really.. SUCKS!

What do you do? You reach deep into the bottom of your bag, pull out that handy Bear Grills survival knife you happened to buy online last week and use the fire starter tucked away in the handle. PFWOO! That one tiny piece of camping survival gear just saved your trip.

​Decided NOT to buy that knife with fire starter? Bummer, guess your are going to have to eat that freeze dried meal cold while praying it doesn’t get too chilly tonight…

Top Tips For Making the Most Of Your Trip.

One of the best family experiences I have ever had were out in the wilds camping. However the process of packing and getting everything ready can be stressful. Here are our top tips for making sure things go smoothly and you get the most out of your back woods experience possible.

  • Make A List Of Essential Camping Survival Gear:

Avoid sketchy scenarios by making a list of everything you may need on your backwoods adventure and check that list twice. We suggest before putting everything in your bag / car, lay it all out on a table or floor and double check that everything is there. One method that works great is to go down the list checking off every piece of wilderness survival gear you have, and then work backwards checking it off again as its packed.

  • Do Not Over Or Under Pack:

Packing the correct amount of wilderness survival gear is an art. You will likely over pack at first. This isn’t always the worst thing that could happen, you will certainly be prepared. The down side of over packing gear however is the weight and hassle of extra stuff in your bag.

With a few trips under your belt you will likely have a good idea of what you really need and what you don’t. A big mistake here would be to get cocky and get rid of some essential items, like a back up flame source, water filter etc. Just because you haven’t had to break into some back up wilderness survival gear yet doesn’t mean that will always be the case. Keep the spare essential items and ditch or replace larger items with more compact versions, like your tent, sleeping mat, or water bottles.


A Life Straw is one of the best pieces of camping survival gear that will save a ton of weight because you then don’t have to carry much water. Check it out on Amazon.

  • Check The Condition Of All Wilderness Survival Gear:

Simple, make sure it is all in good working order, usable supplies light lighter fluid, matches and first aid kits are topped up. Do not risk having a key piece of equipment break while miles away from a replacement. Inspect key items of your kit for rust, degrading materials or water / U.V damage.

Mechanical items should also be tested to ensure they work prior to packing them up. This is why it is always a good idea to get this done a few days before you leave to ensure you can replace broken or missing items in time.

  • Check The Weather And Gear Up Appropriately:

Seems simple enough but if you are stressed or rushed when your leaving it’s easy to forget to check the weather. Make sure to pack appropriately for the conditions and make sure it’s safe to head out. The weather can be a key indicator on possible mud slides, avalanches or just a wet miserable time. Sometimes not even the best piece of wilderness survival gear can keep you dry and safe in terrible conditions. Postponing until next weekend is always an option if it’s looking nasty out there.


Top 10 “Must Haves” When It Comes To Wilderness and Camping Survival Gear.

  • Shelter: a small, easily set up tent with water proof cover is the best option here.
  • Water Bottle With Filter: Getting a good water bottle with a filter like the life straw bottle lets you filter water on the go.
  • Fire starter: You can go with the traditional survival fire starter or wind proof lighters / water proof matches.
  • A Good Quality survival knife or hatchet: you can find our top picks on our survival knife reviews page.
  • Compass or top quality GPS: Don't rely on your phone to guide you out in the wilderness. get a good quality GPS unit.
  • Single burner stove: Much easier then starting a fire every night are are typically very compact.
  • Water proof outer wear: Being wet on a long trek is in no way fun and can be dangerous in low temps. Make sure to dress for the weather.
  • Military grade, water proof pack: A top quality, durable backpack with plenty of room and extra pockets is key! You need something to hold all of your camping survival gear and keep it dry.
  • Compact sleeping bag / matt: Travel sleeping bags are great for this, they are super compact and often have a blow up pillow / mat built in.
  • Plenty of food: Always pack a little more then you think. Freeze dried meals are a good option for keeping weight down.

And there you have it! That is our top tips on prepping your wilderness survival gear for a trip into the great outdoors.

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