How to Stockpile for 3 Months: A Comprehensive Guide

Having a three-month emergency food supply is essential for any kind of emergency, whether it's job loss or a natural disaster. To get started, begin by buying extra non-perishable items that you already eat. Make sure you have a manual can opener and some eating utensils with your food supply so you have everything you need for emergency meals in one place. Use this emergency stock checklist as a guide to see what foods are best for an emergency stockpile or survival food kit.

It's important to have a little diversity in your food stores to avoid eating fatigue and declining morale, but don't let this affect the size of your stocks. Long-term food storage is food that accumulates for more than 3 months; think tubs of rice, wheat, and corn. You can use food calculators to figure out how many pounds of food to store per person for a year, but building a reserve is much more than that. Keeping some luxury foods in their stockpiles can help families deal with stress and stay positive during the real emergency.

If you could store food for one year for an adult, then eating 1200 calories would increase your food storage from 365 days to 608 days. Learning to store food for an emergency, such as a global pandemic or natural disaster, could save you money and save your life.

Karen Borchert
Karen Borchert

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