Seed Vault Of California Reviews

Seed Vault Of California Reviews


The Seed Vault Of California (SVOC) is a seed storage and supplier in California, USA. As the only seed storage company in the state, SVOC offers exclusive products for gardeners and farmers. From heirloom corn to pepper seeds from around the world, it has something to suit every need.

Their selection allows buyers to explore new flavors of old favorites, as well as discover heirloom varieties not easily found in stores. SVOC also provides advice on planting and care instructions. With this help, customers are sure to have a great gardening experience that lasts!

Gardeners trust SVOC for high-quality products and expert knowledge when it comes to selecting the best seeds. Learn more about the Seed Vault Of California and why many people trust this unique provider of top-notch seeds!

Overview of Seed Vault of California

The Seed Vault of California is located in the San Francisco Bay area. It offers a great selection of seeds, such as heirloom, hybrid, and organic varieties. It provides the ideal environment for seed storage which is secure. Here's a look at what the Vault has to offer.

Features include:

  • Perfect environment for seed storage
  • Wide variety of seeds
  • Safe way to store your precious seed investments

Benefits include:

  • Long-term preservation of seeds
  • Peace of mind knowing the seeds are safe
  • The assurance that your seeds will remain viable


John and Mandy Autry, a passionate heirloom gardener and US Navy veteran, founded the Seed Vault of California in 2002. It's the largest public seed bank of its type in the US. Located at 5,000 feet in Tehachapi, California, it holds 6 million individual varieties of heirloom seeds from around the world.

The Autrys had a goal to collect cultivar-identified varieties from source countries. By 2005, they achieved it and started selling them. Plus, they provided access to rare varieties that can't be found anywhere else.

Today, the Seed Vault partners with The Center for Urban Horticulture at UC Davis. This partnership gives research scientists worldwide access to varieties never before grown outside their native cultures or locations. Funds from sales benefit both organizations' operations, plus local gardening activities like providing free or low-cost seeds and supplies for schools and non-profits.


The Seed Vault of California is a 21-acre site in Sacramento Valley. It holds over 900,000 seed requests from people, groups, and universities in the US. It was created to promote nature conservation and biodiversity. The goal was to help bring underutilized crops back into production. It opened in 2007 and is run by the California Department of Food & Agriculture.

The vault has a wide array of seeds – from veggies to flowers to herbs. It also has one of the world's largest collections of heirloom types, with more than 5,000 varieties listed. Besides selling seeds, it provides educational programs about seed saving, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and other related subjects. Organizations like The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund support the Vault's preservation and conservation efforts. It's one of California's most secure places for rare or strange plant species from around the globe.

What They Offer

The Seed Vault of California is a virtual seed resource that gives farmers and gardeners access to regional, locally-adapted seeds. Customers can purchase a range of annual and perennial vegetable, fruit, herb, flower and cover crop seeds. All the seeds are non-GMO and sustainably grown in California. They are either open-pollinated or pure heirloom varieties and are not controlled by any large corporation. The Vault is devoted to preserving genetic variety by providing rare varieties alongside commercial favorites.

To maintain their excellence, the Vault sources directly from over 50 organic farmers in the Central Valley of California. They inspect each farm and only put four laboratory-certified non-GMO seed entries up for sale. The company also runs continuous breeding programs that create drought tolerant cultivars with enhanced traits while keeping genetic diversity in crops.

Besides selling organic heirloom and open pollinated varieties, the Seed Bank also has a Subscription Garden Box Program. Customers receive non-GMO seedlings – vegetable, flower, herb and fruit – from their partner farmers each month! The boxes include planting instructions and tips on how to use companion planting methods for a better gardening experience. This program gives people access to fresh produce all year round and supports local farming businesses in California.


The “Seed Vault of California” is a popular seed storage choice. It provides various services like storing, protecting and preserving seeds. Perfect for those wanting to start gardening, save heirloom varieties or protect against natural disasters.

Let's take a look at the reviews and find out what people think about it.

Positive Reviews

The Seed Vault of California is a great resource for gardeners and farmers alike. It has been around since 1998 and has helped thousands of people preserve their favorite crops.

They offer a vast selection of varieties and plenty of helpful information on their website. Online ordering and shipment is also available, so customers don't have to step inside the store.

People who have used the Seed Vault are overwhelmingly positive; they appreciate the knowledgeable and friendly staff, fair prices, and wide variety.

The organization also supports protecting crop genetic diversity in California by offering educational programs, workshops and seminars. Customers report feeling good about supporting this important cause when shopping at the Seed Vault of California.

Negative Reviews

Seed Vault of California might have the cannabis seed variety you're looking for – but customer reviews suggest there may be issues.

Many customers said deliveries were slow, particularly internationally. Plus, products weren't always packed securely, leading to damage. And no tracking numbers were included.

Other criticisms include:

  • Poor customer service
  • Low germination rates with some strains
  • Unreliable discounts – even after spending over $120.


The Seed Vault of California is a great pick if you want quality, fresh seed. They have plenty of heirloom and organic seeds, thus it's easy to find what you need. The process and shipping was very fast and efficient. The customer service was also really attentive to all questions. Plus, their prices are generally affordable, making them a top choice for those in need of quality seed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Seed Vault of California?

A: Seed Vault of California is a seed bank that specializes in cannabis and hemp seeds. They offer a wide variety of strains, all of which are tested and proven to produce high-quality plants.

Q: Are the seeds at Seed Vault of California of good quality?

A: Yes, all the seeds available at Seed Vault of California are tested and proven to produce high-quality plants. The company takes great care in selecting and storing their seeds to ensure that they germinate and grow into healthy plants.

Q: Can I buy seeds from Seed Vault of California if I don't live in California?

A: Yes, Seed Vault of California ships their seeds worldwide. However, it's important to note that laws surrounding cannabis and hemp vary by country, so it's important to research your local laws before purchasing any seeds.

Q: What payment options are available when purchasing seeds from Seed Vault of California?

A: Seed Vault of California accepts several payment options, including credit card, debit card, cryptocurrency, and bank transfer.

Q: Can I track the delivery of my Seed Vault of California order?

A: Yes, Seed Vault of California provides tracking information for all orders once they have been shipped. Customers can track their orders through the company's website.

Q: Is Seed Vault of California a reliable seed bank?

A: Yes, Seed Vault of California is a reliable and trustworthy seed bank. The company has a proven track record of providing high-quality seeds and excellent customer service.

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